Building Connections Through Dance

Building Connections Through Dance
At Studio 89, we believe in the power of dance to bring communities together. Beyond our exceptional dance classes, we are dedicated to creating a space where everyone can thrive and grow together.

Our community events, including Mini Camps, Summer Camps, Kid's Night Out, and Summer Dance Intensives, are designed to provide a holistic dance experience for all ages. These events offer not only dance instruction but also crafts, activities, and themed movement classes that make learning fun and engaging. It's our way of ensuring that every moment spent at Studio 89 is not just about dance but about building lasting friendships and a sense of belonging.

Our performing group, open to dancers aged 5–18, is another way we foster community involvement. This group allows dancers and their families to connect on a deeper level by participating in local community events and showcasing their talents in specialized routines during studio showcases. It's about creating memories and bonds that go far beyond the dance studio.

Moreover, we understand the importance of flexibility. That's why we offer a free trial week, allowing you to sample a variety of classes for an entire week before making a commitment. Additionally, our Trial Month Fee lets you try one class a week, complete with a studio dress code leotard, before enrolling in the full dance season.

At Studio 89, we're not just about dance; we're about creating a thriving and supportive community. Join us in experiencing the magic of dance while forming lasting connections with fellow dancers and families.

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